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I Feel Lucky To Be Standing With You Today at Spencer's at the Waterfront

Blue sky and birds chirping, the couple could not have picked a more perfect day to get married in Burlington at Spencer's at the Waterfront.


Both Kim and Matt got ready at Pearler Hotel and Spa walking distance from Spencer's at the Waterfront, Kim travelled in style by limousine and looked absolutely stunning coming out. It was soon time for Kim and Matt to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The waterfront trail in front of Spencer's is busy most of the time, but we found an intimate spot not far that was quiet and had the ideal background setting overlooking Lake Ontario. Matt was in place ready to turn around to see his wife to be but a few seconds before Kim tapped Matt on his shoulder he told me;

Matt: "I'm probably going to cry, I hope that's ok" Me: "That's absolutely fine, it just shows how much you love her, I hope you do cry!"

And that he did! The first look was filled with raw and intimate emotions that just couldn't have been contained by both Kim and Matt.


It was a day to remember and now relived through their wedding video. Both sides of the family travel domestically in Canada, they were so genuinely kind and had great conversations with them. One family member even invited us to their house if we ever found ourselves in British Columbia. It was an honour to be a part of a magical day and I wish Kim and Matt a happy marriage!

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