How To Pick Your Wedding Vendors

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Firstly, congrats on your engagement! We hope you've taken time out to celebrate this new milestone in your relationship. We're so happy for you. Now, however, you're at the point where you need to start your wedding planning. As an engaged couple, the first part of your Toronto wedding planning usually involves selecting your vendors.

Most experts advise that you start with your core vendors and then take it from there. Those are your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, florist, stationer, caterer, DJ, or Band. These and all your other vendors are the teams that will help bring about your wedding's success.

With so many options, however, how do you choose a vendor who aligns with your vision, budget and other requirements? You also need a top vendor who has the skills and will spend the time necessary to bring the concept that you have for your wedding to reality. We decided to share with you some tips on how you get such a team here in Canada. So, please grab a seat and let's discuss how to pick the best vendors for your wedding.

First, Set Your Date and Budget

Your budget is the foundation for your wedding. It will determine almost everything else that has to do with your wedding. You have to know how much you have available and are prepared to spend on your wedding. Next, you should decide on your wedding date. Doing this will help you lock down your venue/suppliers and have them available on that day. Making sure you have agreed on and have important details like these at hand is the first step when it comes to selecting your wedding vendors.

Where to Search for Your Vendors

In searching for your wedding suppliers, we'd advise that you do so online and offline. Spend time going through social engines, wedding blogs, wedding directories and social media. You can also ask for referrals from your families and friends. Reach out to any of them who got married recently and ask a few questions.

Wedding expos are another great place to find suppliers for your wedding you could also ask your venue and any suppliers you've already hired. They should be happy to make suitable recommendations based on their past experiences and the events they've covered. Their expertise could help point you in the right direction.

At the bottom of this article, I have a list of some great vendors I've worked with that you can look through. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to search a wedding vendors near me list. Even though a vendor you see might not be around the location of your wedding venue, they could be more than willing to travel to and cover your event.

What to Look for In Your Vendor

What you look for in your wedding vendor ultimately depends on what you want for your wedding. There are, however, some general criteria that the right vendor should meet. One of them is that they should be able to work within your budget while keeping your style and personality in mind. Before you get to this point, however, make sure to look at the comments and reviews on the page of the vendor and see how other couples felt about their services.

Once you have found a few vendors that meet the criteria that you have, you can set up interviews to see which one works best for you. A face to face meeting would be great for this, but because of the ongoing pandemic, you could set up video calls on an app like Skype. This way, you'll be able to see, read and interpret their facial and body cues to have a little idea of the person you are working with. You can also check for the following:

Do you love their work? It might not be a good idea to force a vendor to fit into your vision for your wedding. Instead, go for a vendor who is already doing what you'd like to see at yours. You can check their portfolios for this. For example, if you're working with a band, you could also ask to see them play live or watch a video of one of their performances to get a feel of what they are like.

How do you feel when with them? You'll be spending a lot of time with your vendors during your wedding planning and wedding day. It would be great if you had a good relationship with them. You should feel at ease with them and get the vibe that they know what they're talking about and doing.

Trust the Process

After using the tips above to get an excellent team of vendors for your wedding and you're all on the same page, sit back, relax and let them do their job. Remember that these people are experts in the industry and work with couples like you for a living. Trying to micromanage them will only make your wedding planning experience more stressful. Let the professionals take charge so that you can enjoy your day.

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