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Traditional Wedding Day at Royal Ambassador Banquet 

I don't think there is any other way to mix traditions with a modern western wedding. On this wedding day at Royal Ambassador Banquet Rachel and Ashton become one, and end it in style with the party of the year.


Rachel had always known that she wanted to wear her grandmother's wedding dress for her ceremony. The delicate lace and vintage charm held a special place in her heart. Her grandmother and mom helped her put the wedding dress on, during the process her grandmother was holding bad tears. As she walked down the aisle, she felt the weight of the tradition and love that came with the dress. Her grandmother was proud to see her wearing it.

After the ceremony, Rachel slipped out of the vintage dress and into her modern wedding gown with the queen's crowns stunningly placed on his head. It was sleek and elegant, with a daring neckline that made her feel confident and beautiful. She couldn't wait to show Ashton her new look during their first look. Ashton's jaw dropped when he saw Rachel in her modern dress. She was stunning, and he couldn't believe how lucky he was to be marrying her. We mic'd Ashton to hear his first reactions when seeing his wife in her new wedding gown. He said; 

"WOW, you're beautiful, I love the crown, it's so like Cinderella."

We could not have said it better ourselves.

Rachel was grateful to have both dresses to wear on her special day, honouring her family's traditions while also embracing her own personal style.

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